Bunge follow advice from the Western Australian Government.

Please do not attend site if you are feeling unwell, showing any symptoms or have been COVID-19 tested and are waiting for results.

This includes our valued employees, growers, carriers, contractors, suppliers and visitors.

When visiting Bunge sites, please maintain physical distancing of 1.5 meters at all times.

The number of drivers in the sample lab will be restricted to one truck driver at a time.

Please ensure to keep good hand hygiene. Hand sanitiser dispensers will be available on all Bunge sites including the sample lab.

Contact – 13COVID (13 26843)


At Bunge, safety is our number one priority, not production or profit. Improving safety and creating a zero-incident culture starts with a commitment from each of us. Bunge’s goal is to ensure every person feels empowered when it comes to safety, never continue working if you feel unsafe, we all have the right and a responsibility to speak up.  We encourage everyone to follow our stop, think, protect motto:

Stop and assess the task, never continue working,  if you feel unsafe, or  see anything unsafe.

Think about how the work can be done safely; make a plan to control any hazards.

Protect yourself and others, take steps to eliminate the risks, if you can’t do it personally report the hazard using Bunge’s WHS Report form.

Our Commitments

          • Grain storage facilities, by their nature, present an environment where people can be injured. However we believe all accidents and injuries can be prevented if people constantly practice safety awareness. Our commitment is to make our workplaces and operations as safe as humanly possible. Safety involves a process of continual improvement, and Bunge will endeavour to find ways to not only meet but exceed safety expectations.    By implementing a comprehensive safety management system we ensure all our employees, contractors and visitor are equipped with the support, facilities and training required to ensure work health safety is of an exceptional standard.

Our Principles

          • No work is so important or urgent that it cannot be performed safely.
          • We will not put profit or production ahead of safety and health.
          • We will act swiftly to eliminate or control all high-potential exposures.
          • We will be guided by the Bunge Global Safety Management System.
          • Safety performance is a key indicator of operational excellence.
          • All work-related injuries, illnesses, unsafe conditions and risky behaviours are preventable.
          • We will promote off-the-job safety and wellness for our employees.
          • All personnel are responsible and accountable for their own safety and the safety of others.
          • All levels of management and supervision are accountable for demonstrating proactive safety leadership.

General Site Safety Rules

          • Know the correct PPE for each site you are accessing, and always ensure you are wearing Steel Capped Footwear and High-Visibility Vest/Shirt as a minimum.
          • Always follow the site signs in relation to speed limits and traffic flow.
          • Follow the directions of the employees at all times and familiarise yourself with the forms of communication including 2-Way, Phone and Hand Signals.
          • Ensure all vehicles are stationary and hand brakes are applied before leaving the vehicle, and always stay close to your vehicle at all times.
          • Complete a site induction before entering and know the evacuation procedures and emergency response procedures in case of an accident/incident.

Bunge Safety Guidelines

Please find links to documents below: