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Welcome to the Bunge Service Centre

In the Grower Portal, users can do the following:
• Grain Title Transfer
• View Stock Holdings
• View Delivery Details – see quality and delivery information

Login instructions

To Login to your Bunge On-Line account, you will need to enter your Grower User ID which is your nominated NGR Payee Number. (Not your CBH or NGR delivery card number). This number will have been provided to you by the National Grower Register. If you do not have access to your NGR Payee ID, but it has been issued, please contact us for confirmation.

New users who have not registered with NGR, will have to register first on 1800 556 630.

Please login here: Bunge Services Portal Grower Login

Bunge Services Portal guidelines

After successful login, the following help guides are available to assist you navigate the Grower Portal.

Grain transfers

After login, please click on the Manage Title Transfers link on the top left and then click NEXT. On some screens and Web browsers the “Search” and “Next” button are to the far right, and you may have to scroll across to access them.
For more detailed instructions, please download our Title Transfer Guide: Grower Title Transfer User Guide instructions

Grower deliveries

Ticket and Quality details, including Weighbridge tickets, Title Transfers, Stock Holdings, RCTI and Payment Advice can be found on-line in My Account section.
For more detailed instructions, please download our User Guide: Bunge Services Portal – View RCTI, Loads and Account Details Guide

First time users

Please contact us (FREECALL) on 1300 4 BUNGE (28643) or via Email on: [email protected] with your registered Payee Id.

For information on setting your password, please download Bunge Grower Portal Login Help

Returning users

Returning users must obtain a new password every 12months. If your password has expired, please follow the FORGOT PASSWORD instructions.

Recipient Created Tax Invoices

Tax Invoices (RCTI) are emailed with each payment to the NGR email address on record. If you have recently changed your email address but have not advised NGR, please contact them at [email protected]

If you do not receive an RCTI copy with your payment, please log on to your Bunge Services Grower Portal and download a copy.

Fees & Charges

For Warehouse Receivals, Bunge Agribusiness Australia will charge the first Grain Marketer the Grower Receival fee and the Grower Freight Deduction (if applicable). The Grain Marketer will then deduct these fees from your grower payment(s) less any applicable industry levies.

Charge typeWheat Barley OatsCanola
 Receival fee ($A/t)*$10.80$10.20$12.20$17.70
 Domestic outturn ($A/t) – standardPOAPOAPOAPOA

Receival fee ($A/t) subject to final confirmation.
Shrink will be charged to the first grain buyer.

Receival fee will be deducted from grower payment by first grain buyer.

Harvest Grower Freight deduction – Bunge site (2021/22)

Kukerin$ 20.00
Arthur River$ 14.95

Subject to change and final confirmation.
Grower freight deduction will be deducted by first grain buyer.
Grower freight deduction from FIS Bunbury price.