Attn: All Truck Drivers and Growers                                                                               4th December 2020

Recently, an incident occurred on a Bunge site where a truck trailer had the hoist raised whilst not under the full attention of the driver AND the truck not being positioned over the grid. This resulted in a large volume grain spill (tarps were open) but no injuries.

Bunge reminds all drivers to comply with all requirements to ensure that trucks and trailers are operated to correct standards and in accordance with all relevant Policies and Procedures.

Bunge’s Policies are available at the following links:

Grid  Protocols – http://bunge.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/BSWP609-Grid-Protocols-V02-Drivers.pdf

Bunge Overloading Policy. – http://bunge.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/BSWP601-Bunge-Overloading-Policy-Western-Australia.pdf

Drivers should ensure compliance with these policies and maintain total control of the operation of their vehicle at all times. It is critical that drivers are VERY familiar with their equipment.

Drivers are also reminded to remain in their truck cab during unloading unless attending to trailers.

Thankyou for your co-operation in our pursuit towards a safer workplace.


Patrick Smith

Logistics Coordinator

Bunge Grain Services (Bunbury) Pty Ltd

Lot 962 Berth 5 Bunbury Port

Bunbury Western Australia 6230

(P) 08 9729 9509

(M) 0409 971 062