Upcountry Sites

Bunge operates 2 upcountry sites at Kukerin and Arthur River. These sites are available for delivery during harvest and upon request.

Bookings are not required for entry into either upcountry site, however it is expected that all persons entering the sites are inducted and the carrier is registered.
Failure to register or complete the induction, may lead to delays during harvest.

To delivery grain to either Kukerin or Arthur River, the following steps must be undertaken;

1. All drivers are aware of the Upcountry Safety & Operating Procedures and Traffic Flow


2. All Operators have read and understand the GTA “Bulk Freight of Goods Code of Practice – 17/18”


3. All Carriers have read and signed the Bunge Overloading Policy


4. All Carriers have completed the HMMS Registration paperwork if delivering during harvest and want to deliver
under the Harvest Mass Management Scheme.

Once Bunge has received the relevant paperwork and approved a carrier, delivery to either Kukerin or Arthur River can proceed.