Bunge Agribusiness Prize Winner delivers increased returns..

Mr. Kevin Bushby from north Lake Grace was announced as the prize winner of this years Bunge Agribusiness grower survey. Mr Bushby and his son Cameron crop approximately 4000 hectares of wheat, barley and oats on their mixed cropping and livestock property.
Since the opening of Bunge’s Bunbury Terminal the Bushby’s have delivered grain direct to Bunbury Port, and last season also utilized the new Bunge facilities in Kukerin and Arthur River.
“We are able to deliver direct from farm to the Bunbury terminal, which allows us to have more control over our supply chain costs and benefit from backloading from Bunbury, which effectively reduces our overall farm freight costs” Mr Bushby said.
“We store the majority of our grain on farm off the header. Last year we used the upcountry Bunge locations at Kukerin and Arthur River to deliver direct at harvest, which was helpful for cash flow and the site grain prices were good value” Mr Bushby said.
“My son and I both cart grain to the sites and are really impressed with the efficiency, especially the speed of unloading at the Port, it is a great system. “
“From our location the distance to deliver to Perth, Albany or Bunbury is basically the same. We find Bunge’s delivered grain contracts offer good value and work well for our business” concluded Mr Bushby.
Bunge’s WA Regional Manager, Christopher Tyson, thanked all the growers who participated in the survey, he said “We know it’s important to listen and wanted to ensure we gave growers a direct voice. We are very pleased with the response we got from growers. The results gave us confidence we are on the right track with our investments in WA, and getting the direct feedback from growers will mean we will be able to focus on improving our products and services in the areas that are important to local growers”.
To thank the growers who participated in the survey, Bunge will donate more that $1700 to local Rural Fire Brigades, “we believe it’s important to support the local communities who support us” Mr Tyson said.
Bunge has made significant infrastructure investments in the WA grains industry and operates an export terminal at Bunbury and grain receival facilities’ located at Arthur River and Kukerin.

Bunge’s on-farm storage contracts allow growers …

Bunge’s on-farm storage contracts allow growers like Chris Ramm of Dumbleyung, to leverage their on-farm storage options and pocket the savings.

“Competitive pricing was a key factor in my decision to use Bunge’s services and I’ve been working with them since they entered the WA market two years ago,” Mr Ramm said.

“I deliver feed barley and wheat direct to Bunbury Port and I store a lot of grain on-farm for Bunge as well and because of this I have the advantage of back-loading lime and other products”.

“At the end of the day, Bunge genuinely offer a better price for their products and I like what they have to offer. By using Bunge’s services, I am often $40 to $50 per tonne better off which is a significant saving”.

Bunge’s up-country receival sites in Kukerin and Arthur River will also offer more options for growers like Chris.

“I like knowing I have the option to utilise the up-country facilities in addition to my on-farm storage arrangements”.

Chris Ramm – Dumbleyung

Bunge’s move to Western Australia was a welcome…

Bunge’s move to Western Australia was a welcome change to the local market, according to Michael Lucchesi of Kulin.

Since Bunge began its WA operations in 2013, Michael has been contracting and delivering grain direct to the Bunbury Port Export Facility, in search of the lowest cost pathway to the export market.

Michael began looking for alternate and cost-effective options to transport his grain following the closure of the Tier 3 freight rail line in 2014.

“Since we have been using Bunge’s services, we’ve improved the efficiency of our grain transportation and made significant savings by removing high freight costs and unnecessary double-handling through the rail system,” Mr Lucchesi said.

“In the absence of the rail network Bunge provided the ideal solution to our transport needs and at a very competitive price. In my opinion, Bunge’s introduction to the local market is great for farmers as they offer real choice and benefits through a variety of service and delivery options”.

Michael also leverages Bunge’s freight and logistics services by back-loading lime.

“The option to back-load lime allows us to further reduce our costs and maximise our transport logistics throughout harvest,” Mr Lucchesi said.

“We’ve always received great service from the Bunbury team and look forward to supporting their presence in WA”.

Michael Lucchesi – Kulin

Bunge add flexibility and value at Tincurrin

For Don Thompson of Tincurrin, starting to use Bunge’s services two years ago was a logical progression in his drive to add value to his grain harvest.

Don has been looking at value-adding grain delivery options for nearly 40 years, using both domestic and international markets.

Since 1984 he has been gradually building his on-farm storage capacity, and today has about 3,500 tonnes of on-farm storage, primarily in silos.

“We have been looking at various value-adding contracts and options since about 1977, with a focus on low cost pathways to market,” Mr Thomson said.

Don has been contracting and delivering wheat direct to Bunge’s Bunbury port facility for the past two years using local trucking contractors.

“Bunge has been able to offer us a good price and a good product, which allows us to capture benefits such as delivering direct to port and increasing farm gate value,” Mr Thomson said.

“It also gives us flexibility at harvest and allows us to spread our income over the year and manage cashflow and tax”.

With the construction of Bunge’s new up-country receival facility at Kukerin not too far away, Don will also be looking to deliver grain there this harvest.

“The new Kukerin site will give us even more options and flexibility, and we expect we will be delivering grain to the new site as well as delivering direct to Bunbury Port.”

“We actually delivered the first load of grain to the new port facility at Bunbury in 2014, and we have built a good relationship with Bunge since then.”

Bunge will be taking deliveries at its two new up-country receival facilities at Kukerin and Arthur River this harvest.


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