Our Team

Christopher Tyson
WA Regional Manager
Christopher joined Bunge in 2013 as WA Regional Manager as an important part of Bunge’s expansion in Western Australia. Christopher is responsible for the acquisition of grain in WA and is also involved with the logistics associated with the Bunbury Port Project.
Upon completion of the Bunbury Port, Christopher looks to build an innovative and dynamic team to service the core needs of the WA grower.
Christopher has over 10 years experience in the WA agriculture sector. Christopher grew up on a family farm in Kulin situated in the heart of the Western Australia Wheatbelt.
Christopher initially started in Agribusiness with the NAB as an analyst before moving to AWB where he spent the past 8 years in Grain Marketing and Product Development. This grounding gave Christopher a solid understanding of all aspects of the WA agriculture sector, and is what drives him to grow Bunge.


Sonia Harris 
Regional Accumulation Manager
Sonia joined the Bunge team in May 2016 as the Regional Accumulation Manager. This key role focuses on building grower relationships and providing valuable marketing opportunities for Western Australian growers. Sonia is passionate about the Australian Agricultural sector and throughout her career has fostered strong industry relationships with key stakeholders. She has extensive end-to-end operations and logistics experience across the Australian grain supply chain. Her passion for agriculture, in particular farming in Western Australia, saw her career naturally evolve into grain marketing and accumulation where she has held positions over the past 6 years. Sonia has built a strong reputation as a trusted grain marketer due to her high level of personal integrity and unique understanding of growers requirements.


Simon Little 
Quality Supervisor
Simon joined Bunge in 2013 as Quality Supervisor upon the completion of the Bunbury Grain Terminal, while overseeing the successful first shipment from the Bunbury Port.

Simon comes to Bunge with a bachelor of Economics, previously working for GrainCorp in NSW, Port Kembla Terminal, primarily in grain export and quality for the previous 6 years before that.
Simon’s experience within the technical services side of the industry, including market Access and export compliance has ensured Bunge’s ability to compete in the global market.

During Bunge’s expansion of upcountry storage, Simon has played a major role in providing technical expertise in quality handling and fumigation.

Simon is also a member of the GIWA Barley Standards Review Committee where his expertise is called upon regularly within the industry.


Callum Yates 
WA Logistics Manager
Callum was employed by Bunge prior to their first harvest program in 2014 to oversee the WA Logistics and road transport operations.
Having worked in the transport industry for 10 years overseeing large transport operations, Callum brings a depth of knowledge of the road transport network and associated laws and legislation.

Through relationships with State regulatory bodies and a strong carrier network, Callum oversaw the successful first year of Bunge’s export program and will do so as Bunge’s road transport task increases over the coming years.

As Bunge increases its upcountry storage capacity and export program, Callum will work with both the terminal and its upcountry sites to increase efficiency while maintaining a strong road safety network.


Phil Durell 
Bunbury Terminal Manager
Phil joined the Bunge team in 2013 as Construction Manager for the construction of the Bunbury Grain Export Terminal, which upon completion saw him take on the role of Terminal Manager.
His previous experience in shipping and operational management while working for WAPRES at the BunburyPort, has provided Bunge with the ability to strengthen its business relationships within the community and Bunbury Port.

Having had a vast knowledge of construction and project management, together with skills learned from over 20 years in civil construction, mechanical construction and team management, has lead to Bunge successfully implementing its WA strategy in the past 3 years.

While Phil manages the Bunbury Port facility, he has also successfully overseen the construction of Bunge’s new sites at Kukerin and Arthur River, while also playing an important role in the upcoming harvest operations at these sites.