Client Information

Bunge has introduced competition into the Western Australian grain market, and believe competition is important to an efficient industry.  Therefore, in addition to Bunge Prices, Third Party buyers have been attracted to Bunge Facilities and will be bidding for your grain to ensure you receive a competitive price for your grain.

Fees & Charges

For Warehouse receivals, Bunge Agribusiness Australia will charge the first Grain Marketer the Grower Receival fee and the Grower Freight Deduction (if applicable).  The Grain Marketer will then deduct these fees from your grower payment(s) less any applicable industry levies.

For more information, please refer to the full Storage & Handling Terms and Conditions located here: Forms Terms and Conditions & Procedures


Bunge Service Centre

In order to access your Bunge On-Line account, you will need to enter your Client User ID which can be obtained from Bunge.

For On-Line Access please login here: CLIENT LOGIN

Users can do the following:
• Title Transfer Grain
• View Owner Stock
• View Delivery Details – quality, delivery information

For all your Billing and Invoice Enquiries, please email us on [email protected] or call 1300 4 BUNGE (28643)

For assistance with login and basic navigation, please refer to the Bunge User Guide here : Bunge Client User Guide


Port Terminal Access

WAPRES is considered a “port terminal service provider” pursuant to the Port Terminal Access (Bulk Wheat) Code of Conduct (the Code) by virtue of the fact it operates a “port terminal facility” at the Bunbury Port. For further details on exporting opportunities from Bunge Bunbury Port, please contract us on +61 3 9275 6555 or  Email at [email protected].

Shipping Stem

The WAPRES Shipping Stem can be found on the WAPRES website located at