Bunge Handbook

It is expected that any operator/contractor entering a Bunge site has read and understands Bunge policy on site safety.

There are specific procedures for both the Bunbury terminal and our up-country storage sites (Arthur River and Kukerin).

Please use the following steps as a guide whenever delivering to Bunge.

□ Check with Bunge regarding site hours and information via www.bunge.com.au or by contacting us on 1300 4 BUNGE.
□ Ensure you have an NGR and contract number ready for delivery.
□ Ensure you have completed the relevant information on the Grain Delivery Document.
□ If Delivering to Bunbury Terminal, have you obtained an MSIC and completed a Bunge Carrier Pack
□ Check you are loaded to within the legal mass limits set by Main Roads WA, and have the paperwork relevant to each Scheme.
□ Are you registered with Bunge for the Harvest Mass Management Scheme.
□ Is your equipment in a clean and presentable state before entering our site.
□ Ensure you know the correct traffic flow and safety procedures when entering a Bunge site.

Bunge has standard receival communication protocols which are expected from all drivers entering a Bunge site.

Hand signals and traffic lights are used by Bunge employees to instruct drivers on site movements and discharging of loads. UHF Channel 17 is always available for direct communications to the Sample Stand and Office on site.

For more information, please refer to the attached documents: