Bunbury Delivery

Deliveries can be made direct to the Bunbury Port, however bookings are essential and registration with the Bunbury terminal is required before any deliveries take place.

The Bunbury Terminal is situated at the Bunbury Port and therefore is within the secure zone, requiring all persons needing entry to have a current Maritime Security Identification Card.

Please follow these following steps to ensure the correct procedure is followed for Bunbury Terminal Deliveries.

1. All Carriers have completed a Bulk Freight of Goods Contract and attached relevant paperwork including;

  • Permits
  • Insurances
  • Licences
  • Accreditation

2. All Drivers have completed the Bunge Online Induction Course. Username/Password to be obtained from WA Logistics – 08 9729 9509 or 0409 971 062

3. All drivers are aware of the Terminal Safety & Operating Procedures and Traffic Flow. See below:

4. All Operators have read and understand the GTA “Bulk Freight of Goods Code of Practice”

5. All Carriers have read and signed the Bunge Overloading Policy

6. All Carriers have completed the HMMS Registration paperwork if delivering during harvest and want to deliver
under the Harvest Mass Management Scheme.

7. All Drivers have obtained a Maritime Security Identification Card (MSIC) through the Bunbury Port.

Bunge does not escort any vehicles into the port under any circumstance.

Once Bunge has received the relevant paperwork and approved a carrier, delivery to the Bunbury Terminal can proceed.

  • BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL, and can be made by contacting WA Logistics on 08 9729 9509 or 0409 971 062