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History In Australia

Bunge’s Australian Timeline


  • Bunge establishes Bunge (Australia) Pty Ltd and the company opens its head office in Melbourne.
  • Very quickly, Bunge develops a substantial foot print in Australia and opens additional offices in Sydney, Adelaide and Perth.



  • When World War II breaks out, the Australian Government establishes the Australian Wheat Board. This changes the landscape for Bunge as the newly created AWB is to be solely responsible for marketing of wheat, both within Australia and for export.
  • Bunge remains an international agent for the AWB; however, its traditional role of marketing wheat from farmer to consumer has gone.
  • Bunge continues to trade other grains in Australia including oats, barley, maize and sorghum.



  • Bunge enters the flour milling business with the purchase of its first flour mill in Ballarat, Victoria. Three more flour mills would soon be added in Albury and Murrumburra in NSW and Warwick in QLD.



  • Bunge moves outside of food and grains with the purchase of Union Steel Ltd, thus becoming distribution agents for Broken Hill Pty Ltd and John Lysaght.



  • A controlling interest in the well known pastries firm, Herbert Adams Holdings Ltd, is added to the Bunge business.
  • Also a part of Bunge’s assets is a large piggery near Albury known as Fidelity Meat Industries.



  • As the grains industry remains heavily regulated in Australia, the decision is made to consolidate Bunge operations and focus on trading within Australia.
  • By 2001, Bunge sells all the assets it owns in Australia.



  • The Australian wheat market is deregulated.
  • Bunge re-establishes itself in Australia with an office in Melbourne and a team dedicated to grain trading.
  • Since re-opening in Melbourne, Bunge has been successful in combining with a network of key players in the domestic grain supply chain to facilitate exports to global customers.



  • Bunge announces the intention to build a new Grain Port Terminal in WA located at Bunbury and a significant expansion of grain operations in Australia, offering WA growers the first new Port terminal in over 20 years



  • Bunge announces the addition of 2 new grain bunker sites to be completed in the Kwinana/Albany WA grain catchment to attract grain through its new Export terminal in Bunbury
  • Bunbury Port ships over 450,000mt through its new state of the art facility.



Into The Future

  • New Grain expansion plans for Geelong (VIC) announced
  • The Australian Operation has recently expanded to over 30 people, and our regional operating company, Bunge Asia, is exploring future investment and growth in Australia with a focus on the country’s grains supply chain.
  • Bunge Asia, headquartered in Singapore, is growing throughout the entire Asia Pacific region, and
    • operates soybean processing plants in China;
    • operates oilseed processing, refining and packaging plants and sells retail and commercial products in India;
    • has marketing offices in Indonesia and the Philippines
    • has marketing offices and originates sugar in Thailand;
    • imports soybean meal for Vietnam’s expanding livestock sector and recently opened a soybean processing plant adjacent to Bunge’s terminal at Phu My Port.
  • In a competitive marketplace, Bunge continues to look for opportunities to provide better value for producers and consumers.